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Location site of remembrance, urban, laid in a gentle plain surroundings on the banks of the river Tamis, with a large hunting and fishing area, a natural advantage in the function of sport and four large and profitable pond. Natural - climatic conditions are right to shelter for refuge from the city's major centers of urban daily life - 100 kilometers from Belgrade, 80 km from Novi Sad, Zrenjanin significant main road - Vrsac, only one of the indicators.

The structure is adapted to functional needs and resources provided and can provide this environment. Business - tourism are available at the standard high - the professional content of restaurant halls, banquet rooms over the bar and Snake, to adequate accommodation in single, double and trokrevetnoim rooms and suites, furnished in accordance with the specified requirements of the hotel facilities - TV with satellite TV and Internet connection. Completes the cozy atmosphere and spacious garden with fragrance and shade of plane trees.

Hunting - fishing and sporting goods are covered and appropriate apartment, with the necessary facilities, in accordance with the needs of the profile.

Exterior of the hotel


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