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Details about us and surroundings

The location is Secanj, urban, situated in tame plain surroundings on the bank of river Tamis, with large space for fishing and hunting, natural benefits for the sporting functions and four large and profitable fishing ponds. Natural climate conditions provide true sanctuary for those who want to escape from urban everyday life in big cities – 100 km from Belgrade, 80 km from Novi Sad, on important regional road Zrenjanin-Vrsac are some of the indicators of its good position.


The building itself is adjusted to functional potentials and needs which this environment provides and can provide. For business-tourism needs a standard highly professional contents is available, from restaurant hall, banquet hall and snack bar to adequate accommodation in single-bed rooms, double bed-rooms and three bed-rooms and apartments equipped according to demanded requests of hotel contents – TVs with satellite channels and internet connection. Pleasant feeling is fulfilled by spacious garden and its odors and the shade of plane trees.


Fishing, hunting and sporting needs are covered with adequate apartment with adjusted contents in accordance with the needs of user's profile.

Contact details

Hotel Crveni Cvet

Partizanski put 5,

23240 Sečanj
PAK: 367109

Republic of Serbia


GPS coordinates:
+45° 22' 1.84", +20° 46' 18.24"


How to find us?


Internet point Shower
Parking Snack Bar
Restaurant Reception
  • Apartments: 2
  • Rooms: 19
  • Beds: 36
  • Pets: allowed

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+381(0)23 3842 151


+381(0)63 538 110


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